We are creating life changing outdoor adventure to help kids develop genuine relationships and strong character so that they can overcome negative life influences and thrive in healthy community.

ADVENTUREACH is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to develop communities where youth are free to play, explore, challenge themselves, learn, and have fun. We offer experiential learning activities that both challenge and engage people of all ages in a healthy relational environment. Well trained and caring staff, mentors, and volunteers invest in the lives of youth to foster character development and build an environment that encourages social and emotional growth. Our director and key volunteers have been working with and mentoring youth for several years using the very successful adventure approach of "producing life-changing outcomes by facilitating transformative group experiences."


Our Mission:

We will create an environment for the youth of Southern Maryland to be mentored, loved, and cared for by providing mentors and space for constructive play, adventure, learning, and growth. We will support youth in making positive life choices, and give them a safe place to grow up with strong adult and peer mentorship. The importance of mentoring will be reflected in the time and resources we dedicate to equipping and training adult and young adult mentors. Our goal is that through positive interaction, consistency, time, and commitment to youth, our mentors will be able to speak truth into the lives of youth and challenge them to become more compassionate, hardworking, and honest members of the local community.

Through interaction with our mentors, some youth will also develop into leaders as they learn teamwork and respect, and mature in communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills. Our hope is that some of these leaders will join the growing number of ADVENTUREACH mentors and join us in serving our communities.